League City Dog Park Opens

Mackenzie Gross, Staff Reporter

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All of the community dog owners were beaming with excitement on Sunday when League City opened a new dog park at Countryside Park off of Bay Area Boulevard.

After all of the hard times the area has experienced since Hurricane Harvey, this new park brings hope to the community. 

The new dog park gives dog owners an opportunity to let their dogs enjoy some play time but also meet new people with a mutual love for pets. 

When you come to the gate of the park you see the small and big dog sections. Each section has tons of obstacles for your dog to play on, including water fountains for when they get thirsty.

The best part of this new dog park is that it’s right next to the park and it’s free. There’s no paying tons of money to let your dog have fun, too. It’s a great deal for the community and brings hope to people who lost everything during Hurricane Harvey. As a community, this new dog park brings people together and gives people and their dogs a sense of home and happiness.