Chargers Ram the Rams

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Chargers Ram the Rams

Colton Grier, Staff Reporter

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Friday night, August 24, the Clear Springs Chargers competed against Aleif Elsik, their first real playing time of the season.

The Chargers won across all levels with a score of 46-7. The offensive line held their ground, giving up no sacks and controlling the line of scrimmage.

“The scrimmage gave me the ability to see what skills I need to work on for Saturday’s game against Converse Judson,” defensive lineman Jason Gold (12) said.

The defense gave up one touchdown during the scrimmage.

“The offensive line really showed up and handled their business on both pass and run plays which made the game easier for the skill positions. The scrimmage gave us the opportunity to play in a game-like situation getting us ready for this Saturday’s game against Judson,” quarterback Garrett Rooker (11) said.

Leading the Chargers with points were Todd Hudson (12), Isaiah Bibb (11), and Caleb Hymes (10).

“I’d say the defensive line really showed out. They are compiled of younger members and I feel like they really stepped up. The scrimmage helped me to prepare my steps and footwork; it also provided me with a few formations Judson’s offense may include,” linebacker #8 Lionell Fredrick (12) said.

The Chargers will take on the Converse Judson Rockets next Saturday at 6:00 p.m. in San Antonio.