La Casa De Café

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La Casa De Café

Cindy Colato, Staff Reporter

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Coffeehouse has been a seasonal tradition for Clear Springs. It has gained popularity from the coffee and snacks offered, but most importantly,  the talented acts performed by students.

“This past Coffeehouse, I signed my performance to Burn from Hamilton. I was going to try and learn a new song, but then I didn’t realize that coffee house auditions were coming up,” Sydney Rose (12) said.

In addition to signing performances, there were other acts such as comedy.

“I didn’t really write mine at all this time. I just went up there with some jokes in mind. From there, it took a few seconds, but it turned out to be one of the best stand-up acts I’ve done,” Dane Wyble (12) said.

While Wyble and Rose are both coffeehouse veterans, there is always nerves when being on stage.

“It was very exhilarating. I always get a little bit nervous before I perform at coffeehouse. As soon as I get on stage, though, it is almost like second nature,” Rose said.

Wyble seems to always be handling nerves on stage.

“Before performing, I feel terrified. During [the performance], I feel nervous. I am the type of person who doesn’t like having a plan because then I feel like I’m stuck with it,” Wyble said. “I rarely feel comfortable on stage, but it keeps me on my toes and thinking”

Coffeehouse is a great way to see students showcasing their talents on a platform provided by the school.

“I was the first person to perform stand up at Clear Springs, and that was a change for coffeehouse because now at least one more person performs stand up,” Wyble said.

“To sign and to interpret the songs, even though American Sign Language is not my first language, is just fun to know how to do as a hobby/skill as well as being able to perform it for others,” Rose said.

Coffeehouse is a fun experience for those performing and those watching. Also, there’s snacks. During the second semester, hopefully there will be another great turn out for the next coffeehouse!