Homecoming Nominations

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Homecoming Nominations

Sydney Rose, Staff Reporter

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Hallways covered in posters sporting Charger pride. The sound of bells on the bottom of every girl’s mum. The voting for a queen and king.

All are signs pointing to homecoming season.

Once again, this year ten seniors are up for the esteemed position of Clear Springs royalty.


For the boys:

Evan Antie

Gabe Bednarczyk

Aries Garcia

Todd Hudson

Trevor Jones


And for the ladies:

Avery Gilbert

Tracy Hisa

Kiriko Hyder

Essence Redd

Bethany Richner


“I wanted to run these past years, but I just really didn’t think that I could do it. So, now that I have courage, and I’m on the court, I feel like I could do it and possibly win.” Essence Redd (12) said.

Bethany Richner (12) and Evan Antie (12) were both previously representatives for Homecoming their sophomore year.

“My favorite part about homecoming is making all the mums and garters, and especially this year, senior year, doing the overalls.” Richner said. Antie and Tracy Hsia (12) agreed, both adding on that school spirit is a big part of that.

“All of the events are really fun and everyone gets so involved. It shows a lot of school spirit and everyone has fun.” Antie said.

Part of the courting ceremony before the football game is seeing the nominees being escorted across the field, most of the time by a parent. But, both Redd and Hsia said that their brothers would be the ones to walk with them.

“My little brother said it would be embarrassing, but I’m definitely making him do it.” Hsia said.

“My brother escorts me to everything. When I told my mom I won homecoming court, she was wondering if my dad or brother would escort me and my brother said he wanted to do it.” Redd said.

There are also representatives for the other classes too.

Desmond “DJ” Daly (9) and Lindsey Allen (9)
Jordan Boothe (10) and Channing Saenz (10)
Seth Stats (11) and Megan Martinez (11)

It’s possible that these six can be nominated for the court their senior year, too.

The big homecoming game is Friday night, October 12th against Clear Brook. A big part of it all is the voting for court, so don’t forget to submit who you want for the senior king and queen.