Dulude’s First Year at Springs

Jolie Van Gilder, Staff Reporter

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Ms. Dulude is a brand-new teacher here at Clear Springs. She has years of experience teaching and has worked at two school prior to CSHS.

Ms. Dulude has years of teaching experience.

“I have been teaching for probably around like five years now. I have taught at a couple different schools” Dulude said.

Ms. Dulude has worked at two schools before becoming a Charger.

“I’ve worked at two different schools besides Clear Springs. The first school I worked at was Diboll High School, the second school was Goose Creek Memorial” Dulude said.

Dulude found out about the job opportunity in her graduate class.

“I was in a class from grad school class and one of my classmates actually taught here and she told me about this job opportunity.”

Dulude enjoys getting to know her students.

“My favorite part of working here is probably getting to hang out and be around the students every day” Dulude said.