Brending’s First Year Teaching

Jolie Van Gilder, Staff Reporter

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Ms. Brending just graduated from college and is now in her first year of teaching.

“I love it here; everyone is just so supportive. I definitely love all of the school spirit here” Brending said.

She teaches Principles of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine in the CTE hall.

“I probably would have to say both Principles of Ag. and Vet. Med. are my favorite courses to teach. I can’t just choose one because I love them both so much” Brending said.

Ms. Brending has always wanted to teach and has never put much thought into going into another work field.

“If I weren’t a teacher, I probably would be doing some form of an agriculture-related job, but I love teaching.”

Ms. Brending is greatly excited about her years of teaching ahead. She enjoys her job and the classes she teaches. Brending also appears to be loving becoming a part of the Charger family. She gets to speak about one of her favorite topics, agriculture, every day in grade.