Juniors Take On the Ring Ceremony

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Juniors Take On the Ring Ceremony

Madison Buchanan, Staff Reporter

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High school is an important time period in everyone’s life. One tradition Clear Springs has put on for several years now to honor the high school experience is the Junior Class Ring Ceremony

Mrs. Tracie Knutson, a counselor here at Clear Springs, coordinated the event this year.

“It’s a tradition that we’ve been doing for our students since the school opened. I always like to have a nice speaker that comes and makes a good impression on the students about their accomplishments, their dedication to their school and their future,” Knutson said. “It’s everything that the ring ceremony embraces.”

The students who take part in the ceremony view the ring and all it encompasses as a significant part of their high school career.

“The ceremony and the ring are important to me because it represents what I have done and what I have overcome during my high school years,” Sean Rogers (11) said. “It represents the friends I’ve made. It’s been very important to me.”

Some see it as a reminder that high school is coming to an end.

“It represents my last step in my high school career, as I’m almost a senior. It represents the end of everything I’ve done leading up to my senior year, an end to thirteen years of education.” Hailie Connell (11) said.

The teachers who take part in the ceremony give speeches to honor both the students and their achievements.

“It gives the students an opportunity to showcase something about their personal high school experience on one side and then the other side of the ring ties them to the Clear Springs high school and charger community for life.” Mr. Troy Scott said.

The ring ceremony is a long-standing tradition; its impact moving beyond the students who take part in it.

“It’s an opportunity for both students and families to celebrate being Clear Springs Chargers.” Mr. Michael Houston said.