Hunger Games: Student United Way

Sydney Rose, Staff Reporter

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The first thought that comes to mind with the words ‘Hunger Games’ is the popular book-to-movie adaptation starring Jennifer Lawrence. But with every October, comes a different kind of Hunger Games. A way to donate canned goods and non-perishable food items to those in need, and a way for different clubs and organizations to compete.

Meredith Granmayeh (12) and Ben Haverty (12) are co-presidents of Student United Way, the organization that puts all of this together each year.

“The Hunger Games gives us a chance to come together as a school to help the community. It’s important for so many organizations and teams to come together  to compete and help the community” Haverty said.

“The importance is to give food to those who don’t have it. We collect as many cans as possible to feed as many of the homeless and hungry as possible” Granmayeh said.

The aspect of the Hunger Games that it gets everyone at school talking about competition. Many teams put together, from sports, to honor societies, and even teachers, who encourage their organization to donate the most pounds of nonperishable food items.

“The collective aspect and the number of organizations absolutely helps with the final number of cans. Student United Way deeply appreciates all of the support we get from these clubs.” Granmayeh said.

The competition is more than just the clubs at Clear Springs who battle it out, but there is another Student United Way program at Texas City High School who we are head to head with the weight of canned goods collected.

“From my experience, the competitive spirit definitely helps us raise more food.” Haverty said.

The event of the Hunger Games is always something massive, it takes so many members of SUW to get everything collected and sorted.

“An event this size really shows the dedication of our officers and of our sponsor, Ms. Peach. Every single day, after school for the past three weeks, we’ve had officers staying after to count and collect donations. I’m always amazed by the dedication of our officer group and the organizations on campus that donate so much to those who are less fortunate.” Haverty said.

All donations will be sent to the Galveston County Food Bank on November 14 at 8 AM.